Top 5 Most Extreme Sports in the World Now and Kayaking is one of them!


Outdoor sports can pump up your adrenaline. But extreme sports take it to a new level. The world of extreme sports has evolved. Now more people are becoming interested in such sports. Here are the best extreme sports in the world at the moment.


It is whitewater kayaking. Here people plunge off high waterfalls in their kayaks. This adventure is increased many folds by the thought of hitting into jagged rocks or being pulled down under the water. Manufacturer of strong and durable kayaks has made this sport popular.

BASE Jumping


It these sports jumpers jumps from one of the BASE structures, that is, building, cliff, bridge, mountain, etc. Parachutes are deployed before landing. It is similar to skydiving, but you have a shorter time to react if a parachute fails.




 Ice Climbing

People climb the formations of vertical ice, like frozen cliffs or waterfalls. Before, the ice was chipped using icepick, but now a device called cramp-on is used for the purpose. It’s a toothed claw that is fastened into the climbing boots. This device speeds up the climbing time.

Volcano surfing


You can surf down the sides of volcanoes using plywood boards. You can either do it by sitting down or standing upright. On your way, you will start hitting sharp volcano rocks, and that’s what makes the sport so adventurous.





It is similar to the tightrope act we see in the circus where clowns cross a high and tightly taut wire using a balancing pole. A safety net is there to catch the clown if he falls. In highlining, there is no safety net or pole. The wire is also not taut, and so making the sports extreme.

If you have that adventurous spirit in you, then try these sports. These will give you an adrenaline rush that you have never experienced before. These are the ultimate excitement and thrill you can have in life.

Top 7 Reasons Why we Should be Outdoors


Research findings have shown that nature is important for our physical and psychological health. So, being outdoors is very good for us. We have heard this many times that clean air can purify your body and soul. It can give us good respiratory system and make our bones healthy. Natural environment can reduce your mental fatigue as well. Here are the top reasons why you should be outdoors.

Nature can calm us down


If you spend time amongst trees and greenery, it will have a positive impact on your mind and body. It helps in reducing stress levels and lowering the blood pressure. It can get rid of depression.

You become more creative

As we have to do multitasking, lot of pressure is exerted on the brain. Parts of the brain that deal with creativity is affected. If you go for vacation in a beautiful natural environment, then your creativity will improve by 50%.

It revives your senses

Nature is a place where you will find all your five senses working together. You will love the silence and the chirping of birds. You will love the smell of nature that will trigger the part of the brain that processes emotion. Trees emit a volatile organic compound called phytoncides. It slows down breathing and reduces stress.

Water is beneficial


If you take a walk along a river or lake, it will improve your psychological well-being. The negative ions that are natural antidepressants are found near water. When you swim in clean water, the toxins in your body are released.

Nature helps in quick recovery

Research indicates that countryside has a big impact on the recovery period of a patient. Even views of trees and nature from the hospital can improve the recovery rates of patients.

Darkness sets our biological clocks

When you stand under the dark sky, it encourages the natural functioning of the body’s biological clock. It leads to the nocturnal release of the melatonin hormone. If there is less melatonin hormone in your body, then the level of your oestrogen hormone will increase, and the chances of having breast cancer will be high.

Children have health benefits


Today, most children spend time indoors playing video games. This may lead to ‘Nature Deficit Disorder.’ Children should be encouraged to play outdoors. It will make the children more fit and help in their development. It will improve creativity and boost confidence as well.

Going outdoors has lots of advantages. Both adults and children can benefit from being outdoors. Nature plays an important role in our physical and mental health. Taking a vacation and trying out outdoor activities with family is an excellent way of relieving stress and staying healthy.

Top 5 Adventure Trips You Can Have this Year


If you are an adventure seeker, then your vacation also need to have an adventure element in it. Here are some great adventure trips you can have this year.

Lake Louise, Banff, Canada


This lake is surrounded by six glaciers. This beautiful blue lake attracts ice-skater in winter and paddlers in summer. So, visitors come here all the time to view the mesmerizing Canadian Rockies’ at the backdrop of this beautiful lake.

Watersports, Southern West Virginia

All you will hear is the roar of white-water rafting during holiday seasons. It is one of the best places to experience white water rating. The best time to visit is in September and October.

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands



You will get to see colorful fish, green turtles and different species of coral. Here you can get very close to stingrays in their natural habitat. It is truly a very thrilling experience being so close to this dangerous fish.

Rain Forest, Costa Rica

It is a beautiful forest to explore. There is hills and crocodile infested river. You can move through the forest by zip-lining in the canopy or taking the aerial tram. It is a complete natural wonder.

Queensland, New Zealand


Here you will find snow-capped mountains and extreme weather. You can try extreme sports activities like heli-skiing, bungee jumping off the Kawarau Bridge and more.

The special feature of all these places is that the natural beauty is outstanding in these places. So, both of your purposes will be fulfilled: having a vacation and trying out adventure sports. There are tour operators who can arrange a tour to these places for you.

4 Safety Tips for Participating in Extreme Sports


When you participate in any sport, you need to pay attention to your safety. In the case of extreme sport, more attention must be given. Here are the four major safety tips that you must adhere to all the time.

8424357921_d727a03a8a_bLet someone observe you

You shouldn’t play extreme sports alone. There must be people observing you so that in case you get injured, something can be done immediately. By watching others perform, you can learn the mistakes people make and improve your performance.



Many extreme sports are weather sensitive, like skiing, surfing, ice climbing, etc. If the weather is too cold, you might have cold muscles and joints. These are more prone to injuries. You should do some light exercises before starting your activity. It is better to wear layers of light clothing that are wind and water resistant. This will help you avoid freezing. Your body temperature can be adjusted by wearing layers of clothing. You should select proper footwear as well.

317447619_1280x720Know your ability

If you are inspired by watching extreme sports on TV, you should keep in mind that these are performed by professionals. You should try these sports without proper training. These stunts are very dangerous, and you should be careful. You shouldn’t try something that is beyond your ability.


You must wear protective gear when performing these sports. Goggles, helmets, gloves and proper padding must be worn. You should have good knowledge about the purpose of these gears and equipment.

If you take the necessary precautions, then it will prevent injuries. You should know about the ways you can avoid a potentially dangerous situation. This way you can stay safe during the activity.